About Jerry Purchase:

Internet Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer
Pro Net Products International - CEO
Profit Pro Power Team  -CEO/Founder

I am very happily married to the "Girl Of My Dreams"  I searched for her for many, many years - found her 25 years ago and my life have been bliss ever since. 

Between us we have 5 children and 10 grandchildren.  Yeah, it's hard to keep up with but, worth every minute of it.

We live in a beach front home in beautiful S. CA, near Newport Beach, have been here in this home for over 17 years and love it here.  Everyday is BEACH DAY!

I wish the same abundance, joy and peace for you in you life, and am here to help you have that, if that is your desire.

For more about me and how I can help you achieve the results you desire, and have "More Of What You Want and Less Of What You Don't Want", please read on.


Professional Career History

 - Manufacturing Company - Management Positions in Quality Assurance, Production, Planning, Engineering, Estimating, and Sales - Tripled Sales Volume every year for last three years.

 - Manufacturers Representative Sales Agency Owner - Built business calling on the Defense Industry from zero to $20,000,000. annually.

 - Real Estate Sales - Residential High End Estate Homes - Built business from zero up to $300,000. annual commission income.

 - Back to College to earn Degree in Physical Therapy - JOB (just over broke)  Worked in Industry while pursuing my dream of building a home based business in MLM (Network Marketing).

 - Training, Coaching and Leadership skills - I have been a Certified Trainer providing training to the field as well as being on advisory committees for the field to the companies with several companies.

 - Trained with Sales, Marketing  Real Estate Trainers such as Roger Butcher, and Mike Ferry, as well as Life Skills / Personal Development Trainers such as Mark Victor Hanson, Jeffrey Combs, Dr. Ellie Drake, Jerry Clark, Jim Rohn, Michael Oliver and Kenrick Cleveland.  I have read and practice the teachings of most all of the proven personal development and inspirational books

 - A lifetime student, I continue to learn to be able to pass on much as I can in my interaction with my organization as their mentor, trainer and coach.

 - Over last 12 years to present I have built several Home Based Businesses, with major companies, earning 6 & Multiple 6 figure incomes supporting large organizations. 

I left a Multiple 6 figure income to join this company because "FINALLY A COMPANY DID IT ALL RIGHT". 

THIS IS MY DREAM BUSINESS, and I am currently exceeding my previous income run rate, and forecasting a 7 figure income over the next 12-18 months. 

Over the years I have developed vast business experience, sales - marketing & advertising skills - excellent computer, software, and web developer skills, etc. 

I administer and provide a replicated Team web site with a Team Back Office Resource Center with Advanced Tools & Training, FREE to all my members, to aide you in your business.  I hold regular teleconferences for my Team.

Go to for a peak of the front end capture page, and if you like I can give you a peek inside the back office, too.

I feel I am uniquely qualified to lead & mentor you to the personal and income levels of your desire.  My 30+ years of Professional Business & Leadership Experience speaks for itself. 

Plus, being on the company Executive Leadership Team, I work closely with company owners & management, I keep up to date on all relevant matters and can be most helpful to you.  Listen for me on the business & training calls.

I Will Show You Exactly How To Generate $365,000 Income In Your First 12-15 Months With Only One New Customer A Week.

Join me and together we sill secure you financial future!

Future Plans
1.  I am now retired and no longer working any business.

2.  Give back to society, in any and all ways I can to show my gratitude to the abundance I have and am receiving every day.

3.  Play a lot more golf, travel and do more big game fishing in International locations.

I am looking forward to having you there with me as a community member and a friend.

NOTE:  Personal and family photos are available in the Gallery.

My Experience With These Companies
About my experience thus far:  I knew when I got involved in this Company I knew that it would be an extraordinary income engine, and that has proven to be true. 
People just get this. 

I left a multiple 6 figure income
in my previous business of two years, because of what I saw in this company, and in just a few months am already surpassing that run rate. 

Wow!  Those $1,000-$5,000-$9,000 & $15,000 earnings are sure nice. 
  Especially when the bigger ones are just customers upgrading, requiring no extra work or advertising expense on my part.

This is the real deal!


How Can I Help You?

I'm looking for 10 people this month that want to earn a minimum of $10,000 a month in direct sales income and an additional $5,000 - $10,000 a month in passive income.

When you study our compensation plan you will quickly see that it solves ALL of the problems with the traditional 2 up and MLM type residual income.

I am going to teach you exactly how to build a $5,000 passive income in a matter of a few months, and make tens of thousands of dollars in direct income doing it.  All of this while you are building a better life for yourself.

So, do you want to be part of starting something fresh and exciting and really, really big?  Do you want to be part of the biggest direct sales opportunity ever - Instead of trying to compete with it?

Then, if you are serious and want to work with a player in the industry, that can help you master this new prosperity wave ... Click On The Link Below, let's see if there is a fit between us.

I am here to guide you through your journey, showing you the path to your success.


I Have The Solution For You?

I have the solution. Please Go to my TEAM SUPPORT page for Details:  I am now retired and no longer working any business.

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