Clients - Companies
I have Lead In.:

Over the last 13 years I have owned, or still own home based businesses representing  major companies in MLM and Direct Sales Industries of Telecommunications, Legal Services, Travel Services, Lifestyle, Personal Financial & Investment,  Personal Success and Development Education. 

Over the last Five Years I decided to get paid what I am worth and now represent  Very High Ticket Products, with High Commission, and Elite  Companies.  I Still Do About the Same amount of Work, but now make 10 times the income.  What a refreshing arrangement.  However, I still represent a well rounded group of companies with varying start up costs that allows the average person to build into some of the higher startup companies, if they choose to.

Anyone that says people just don't have that kind of money is simply living in a Poverty Consciousness, and we can help them overcome that too.  The World Is A Super Abundant place with enough for everyone.   Join me and find out!.

Below is a list of just a few of the companies that I have represented.  I have shared their products and services with friends, associates, the general public, organizations, and businesses throughout the world,

During my long career I have done due diligence on literally hundreds of companies, and have settled in for the long haul with the ones that met more of my criteria than any other, the Best One Of All.  "The Companies That Get It ALL Right:"  That I am pleased to Introduce You To Here. 
Companies I have Lead In.:
  • Pre-Paid Legal - Legal Services (Personal, Sm. Business & Group Qualified)
  • Top Earner Excel Telecommunication - Trainer, Res. Services,
  • Top Earner ACN Telecommunications - Trainer, Res. Services,
  • Top Earner Travelogia - Travel Agent, - Travel Services,
  • Top Earner, YTB - Travel Agent , - Travel Services, Personal Use - Passive Agent
  • Emerald Passport - Top Producer, Personal/Financial Education
  • One Of My Current Companies - High End Direct Sales - Executive Leadership Team ( Former Member) - "A Company That Got It All Right"